What is Leadership

Leadership There is huge difference between management and leadership. The..

What is Leadership


LeadershipThere is huge difference between management and leadership. The managers has a responsibility to deal with the day to day task complexities but a leader deals with change and motivates his followers in such manner that all of them work as a unit in striving for organizational goals. In order to be successful in one’s profession, a set of rules needed to be followed like taking charge of one’s career and avoid misconceptions; always try learning new concepts and developing new capacities; always be aware of the change coming in the work environment; try to master the art of communicating with people; and develop people skills.

Human resource management is the most important part of an organization, because it is the people who matter the most when it comes to creating a positive environment for work. There are main three challenges which are faced by organizations:

Change Management has become one of the major challenges that are faced by organizations today. To overcome this challenge organizations plan intensified trainings for the employees to adjust to the change.

Leadership Development is another major challenge for the organization because the organizations are under continuous pressure of achieving high efficiency and effectiveness. This challenge falls on human resource management to provide such structure and people to organization who can achieve the desired affects.

HR Effectiveness Measurement is a challenge which organization needs to be constantly evaluating because it has different type of metrics from which organization evaluates effectiveness like on terms of transaction or overall positive influence on the business.

The organizations are in constant process of innovation, which can be processes, product or techniques. The innovation can be spontaneous or follow a more systematic approach of stepwise development. The world is moving at a faster pace and for organizations to be successful they need to develop and create an environment of innovation throughout the organization and should provide incentive to employees for bringing in healthier change.

The change issue has really made organization to indulge comprehensive training programs for their employees so that they can adjust to the changes incorporated due to innovation or environmental change.




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