Utilitarian Approach

In a changing world, the idea of ethics and morality..

Utilitarian Approach

In a changing world, the idea of ethics and morality also revolutionized. Benthum believed in the “principle of utility”, the idea of greater good where everyone enjoys the fruit of happiness. Benthum and Mill lead a revolutionary idea as it subtracted God from morality and only included the promotion of human happiness. The distinct ideas of utilitarianism are seen in the question of euthanasia and treatment of animals. Euthanasia is illegal all over the world except Holland because legislation is greatly influenced by Christian dictates. Christian traditions declare God to be the decider of a man’s life and death. Utilitarian believe that euthanasia can be morally right as it curtails misery. With reference to the real life case of Mr. Mathew Donnelly and his brother Harold Donnelly, Harold’s act was unacceptable and punishable according to Christianity and legislation, whereas utilitarian’s believed his act to be merciful as he ended the long term misery of his suffering brother. Benthum even argued that if God is benevolent he would not let his creatures suffer. He believed in man taking charge of his life. Neither Christianity nor moral rules paid importance to the treatment of animals and the human’s general behavior towards them. They were considered soulless and incapable of reason, so we could use them for our benefit. The utilitarian were only concerned with a living beings capacity to feel pain and pleasure. They were against rearing animals for meat production and promoted veganism.



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