The Exceptional Manager: What You Do, How You Do It

Management: What It Is, What Its Benefits Are Management can..

The Exceptional Manager: What You Do, How You Do It

Management: What It Is, What Its Benefits Are
Management can be defined as, an ability to pursue organizational goals with efficiency and effectiveness. The managers have a multiplier effect on the organization as the individuals in an organization are looking for direction and motivation from the manager which has a direct effect on their performance and attitude. Whether the organizations are big or small managers are always paid handsomely to retain their abilities inside the organization other than this manager’s experience makes him indispensable.

Seven Challenges to Being an Exceptional Manager
The seven challenges faced by an exceptional manager in this fast pace work environment are the one which describes him being indispensable to the organization.  One is achieving competitive advantage by being responsive to customers, bringing innovation, achieving quality and efficiency. Second is management of diversity to the benefit of organization. Third is absorbing and managing the effects of globalization. Fourth is managing the information technology needs. Fifth is upholding the ethical standards in the whole organization. The sixth challenge is sustainability and economic growth without compromising the environment. The seventh challenge is managing one’s own happiness and personal goals while persuading all other challenges.

What Managers Do: The Four Principal Functions
The managers have four crucial function which they need to perform well in order to make the organization a successful unit. These functions include planning, organizing, leading and controlling. All these four functions are vital and failing in even one of the functions can lead the organization to a wreck.

Pyramid Power: Levels & Areas of Management
In an organization there are different levels of management depending on their responsibilities like top-level, middle-level and first-line managers. Manager can be responsible for multiple departments like general manager or for individual department like functional managers for research and development, marketing, finance, human resource or production. At all these places the managers may be working for profit oriented, non-profit or mutual benefit organization.

Roles Managers Must Play Successfully
The managers are expected to play different roles, according to Henry Mintzberg, managers need to address three main roles which are interpersonal, informational and decisional. At interpersonal level the managers need to cater the role of figurehead, leader, and liaison activities. At informational level the manager need to cater the role of monitor, disseminator, and spokesperson. While at decisional level the manager need to address the needs of entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, and negotiator.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit
The managers need to have the entrepreneurial spirit for the development of business, it needs them to take risks in order to create more opportunities through entrepreneur or through intrapreneur behavior. Meaning taking initiative on opportunities created by outside world or by inside the organization.

The Skills Exceptional Managers Need
The exceptional managers need to excel in their technical skills, conceptual skills and human skill. The world is changing day by day especially the race of technology development has made it necessary for managers to stay updated. The managers need to critically analyze the situation, opportunities and threats. Other than this, a manager need to learn how to manage people as due to globalization a exceptional manager need to have a knowledge of organization’s employees culture and backgrounds



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