Satisfactory Moral Theory

According to Rachel, the first element of a satisfactory moral..

Satisfactory Moral Theory

According to Rachel, the first element of a
satisfactory moral theory is a truthful acceptance of human beings’ very recent
appearance on the planet, thus ending the vain idea of the universe made for
man’s benefit. According to Hume, though we are superior in certain ways as we
devised “morality based on reason” but reason needs to be impartial. In
addition our adherence to social contract and natural desire to care can make a
satisfactory moral theory. Considering people as “rational Agents” choosing
good or bad actions, the idea of paying back in the kind is another element of
morality. Apart from impartiality which is not always practical, we do need the
personal ideals of love, friendship, personal happiness plus general welfare.
Both are connected according to “Multiple Strategies Utilitarianism” where
diverse strategies lead to general welfare, where ones best plan for life is a
set of rules respecting the betterment of others as well. Morality of man will
be strengthen if he respects the moral community and makes decisions beneficial
for people at all places of all times and other species of this planet. Another
element of a satisfactory moral theory lies in the ideas of justice and
punishment. Classic utilitarianism promoting the punishment of innocent for
general good is flawed. Punishment should be given to the one who deserves it
because he chose it. The idea of justice also has a deeper debate. Out of the
two employees the one who has worked harder will apparently deserve the
promotion. But considering man’s natural inclination towards beauty, talents,
intelligence and natural endowments we are born with, sometimes the person
having them will be preferred over in otherwise a hard worker. It will engender
the feeling of injustice, as these talents were not earned. A just society,
according to Rachel is the one facilitating everyone and providing chance of
improvement through work, not through good luck.



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