RESEARCH PROPOSAL-Job satisfaction and its relationship with job related productivity

This project has mainly covered and emphasized on the Work..

RESEARCH PROPOSAL-Job satisfaction and its relationship with job related productivity

This project has mainly covered and emphasized on the Work Environment and its Effects on Employees Performance and Employee’s Turnover at Mobilink GSM (PMCL). Mobilink GSM (PMCL) subsidiary of Orascom Telecom is a Pakistan based telecom service provider company which is considered among the leaders in telecom sector. Among four competitors in the market Mobilink currently holds 30% of the market share. Political instability, poor law and order situation, tough competition by rival companies, inappropriate staffing and work-life imbalance mainly have led to a decline in the market share of Mobilink as compared to previous years which has been of high concern to the company. In my research I have analyzed the effects of Human Resource Department’s policies on the overall performance of the organization. I have considered the causes behind employee’s dissatisfaction, if any, and their possible relationship with the high turnover observed by the management of the company. The analysis has also covered a study of financial statements which provides a much clearer view to the concerned management.

Company based surveys are considered usually diluted rather than to the point, In my opinion while understanding good work environments  the most important factors to concentrate are motivational factors, socio-economic factors, health factors, Job and personal security. Employees tend to give more when they are totally satisfied with their jobs. In my research I have used different theories and models to explain and correlate different factors and forces connected to work environment, job satisfaction and job turnover. There is also a strong link between employee satisfaction and the political stability of a nation which becomes more important in the case of a nation like Pakistan and in this study it has been well addressed and explained.

Questionnaires will be distributed among employees as the main procedure for data collection, secondly requests were also made among the HR department for related data and information, thirdly reliable internet sources were used to gain useful information and help conduct this study.  Mainly employee satisfaction, employee retention and the success of the organization and the relationship between these various factors will be analyzed through the data. The overall purpose of this exercise will be to find the factors that affect employee satisfaction in Mobilink. The data collected through survey, study of financial reports, other information provided by HR department and information collected from internet, compiled and analyzed sets a clear step towards concluding an opinion upon the work environment, job satisfaction, and other correlated factors effecting the whole picture.


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