Cultural Relativism

According to Rachel the idea of cultural relativism can be..

Cultural Relativism

According to Rachel the idea of cultural relativism can be defined as different cultures
having different moral codes, that is, having the understanding that every
culture possesses their own unique customs and thought process and it may
become difficult for an individual of separate or different culture to
understand cultural differences. He further argues that it will not be ethical
to start judging a culture to be better off than the other on the basis of
their way of living. Rachel believes that there cannot be a universal truth in
ethics because every culture is unique and its practice can only be understood
with its cultural reference. Rachel is criticized on taking the area of
geography as a notable comparison and argued that people often have disagreement,
go to courts or even go to war in order to protect or enforce their beliefs. In
response Rachel says that in earlier times this may have been the reason but
now it may not be the case. He also explains that there are always some values
which are shared by all culture like condoning murder, caring for our children
and placing importance on honesty. Rachel believes that we can learn to coexist
from cultural relativism and do not start judging things as morally right or
wrong just because on the basis of our own culture. I think that, there will
always be some differences in opinions, judgments and thinking process based on
religious beliefs, local customs and practices like we can see by the example
of Norway recent massacre by a laughing murderer or cases registered against
child pornography.



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