Controlling Internet Material

The Need of Passing a Law for Controlling Internet Material:..

Controlling Internet Material

The Need of Passing a Law for Controlling Internet Material:

Mockery of Religion

“Who is right and who is wrong”, can turn out to be a serious issue when the argument engages in the authenticity of a religion. William Saletan has nicely described the cause behind latest riots outspreading in Muslim countries due to the blasphemous “Mohammed movie” in his article “Peace Be Upon You, Internet video will insult your religion. Ignore them.” He identified the reason behind the movie director’s initiative, was to spread anarchy and hatred among different religious groups.  The article also explains that the role of internet is neutral as anyone can use it and target any religion, so the people need to build tolerance against such idiot’s foolery, because there will be always such kind of people whose intentions are to spread hatred and send the world into turmoil and have fun seeing people killing each other according to their plans. Controlling internet is nearly an impossible task; therefore it is the world that needs to outsmart those specious people by ignoring such annoying videos, cartoons or literature.

The latest acts of violence over “Mohammed Movie” spreading all over the world have publicized the need of controlling the internet contents to avoid such bloodshed. The internet has always been a representative for freedom of speech which is highly appreciated, but there needs to be a boundary defined in freedom of speech by dividing it into two categories like freedom of speech in a constructive approach and disturbing approach. The governments all over the world need to make a department or committee which should have representatives from all religious beliefs or scholars to investigate and evaluate the content as of disturbing nature being reported on religious grounds and after careful analysis of the contents should decide about the fate of the material. The reason behind the worldwide riots was the incompetence of the U.S. government to put a ban on the disturbing content, not the video itself. As there have been and always will be people who will keep on showing their hatred against other nations or religions to satisfy their inability to accept individuals from other religions or nationalities.

The recent riots include the mobs attacking the United States embassies all over the world and the recent update on the riot situation in Pakistan shows that it resulted in killing nineteen people and leaving one hundred and sixty people wounded. Syrian forces had targeted and killed an opposition videographer in Hama and the local coordination committees put the number killed in Syria at one hundred and seventeen. Other than this, an Israeli soldier and three reported assailants were killed in clashes at the border in the mid-Sinai region. The most disturbing of all was the killing of the United States diplomat and three other U.S. citizens in the initial stream of riots. These attacks over the United States’ embassies show that people were not that much angry over the video maker in comparison with the United States Government for allowing the YouTube for not banning the video.

In my opinion people demand of banning such hurtful contents should be listened and the recent hostile situation in the Muslim world raises the need of passing a law over having some control over the internet media and such website should be wise enough to realize the repercussions of such disturbing contents. Muslims all over the world are blaming the system for allowing such person to disperse hatred through the negative use of media. Due to the non-cooperation of YouTube, many countries have banned the website from working so that hatred and riots could be controlled. Moreover, I also believe that the tolerance level in the Muslim countries have reduced to a very low level due to grim economical conditions, poverty, corruption, lawlessness and illiteracy rates. Developed countries should promote scholarship programs like Fulbright and Humphrey programs, so that the individuals selected for scholarship can spread goodwill about the Developed Nations and the conflict between cultures and religions could be peacefully solved and eradicated.

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