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  • Individual & Group Decision Making

     How Managers Make Things Happen 1) Two Kinds of Decision Making: Rational & Nonrational Decision making is a process of choosing the best alternatives among many. Managers follow two types of models in making decision which are rational and nonrational. In rational model assumes that the managers will make logical decision, there are four steps […]

  • Top 7 techniques for enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

    Techniques for Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness 1 Managing for Productivity In an organization the manager faces seven challenges like competitive advantage, diversity, globalization, information technology, ethical standards, sustainability, and his or her own happiness and life goals. The manager needs to make decisions about planning, organizing, leading and controlling which can increase the productivity of the […]

  • Control importance in Effectiveness of organization

    Control importance in Effectiveness of organization Every organization has to set certain control systems. Which are specifically made for their organization, following the goals and objectives set. The effective control systems can be laid down in seven main characteristics. Focusing on Important areas: This means that the organization, need to apply controls according to the […]

  • Cost Behavior Summarized

    Cost Behavior Costing systems helps the management  to record expenses occurred in course of business. Expenses like material, labor and other costs in such a manner that we can use the information derived from these system in order to explore further cost behavior in different scenarios. There are two main cost behaviors that are variable […]

  • Google’s Value Conflict With Demands From the Chinese Government

    Case #1: “Management in Action…Google’s Value Conflict With Demands From the Chinese Government”, pp. 98-99. Question 1 The internal stakeholders that can be affected are the employee, especially from the marketing department and the shareholders of the company. They are positively affected by maintaining their goodwill by not compromising to the Chinese Government demand and […]

  • Strategic Management

    How Star Managers Realize a Grand Design The Dynamics of Strategic Management All organizations need a “big picture” about the direction. Where they are going and the way to get there which involves strategy, strategic management and strategic planning. Strategy is a large scale action plan. It decides an organization’s direction. Strategic management involves managers […]

  • Planning of Successful Management

    Planning & Uncertainty Planning can be described as charting up of goals and formulating a way to achieve the set targets for successful management. There are four main benefits that can be achieved from planning. One is being checking on the progress. Second being coordinating activities. Third being thinking about future. Fourth being able to […]

  • Global Management

    Globalization: The Collapse of Time & Distance The world is now becoming a global village and it is time for e-commerce, which is now asking the world to focus on communications from transportation and avail the economies of scale by connecting the whole world through internet. The World Wide Web has converted the world from […]

  • Changing Work Environment & Ethical Responsibilities

    The Community of Stakeholders Inside the Organization The managers have a responsibility to manage the company both internally and externally and operating in the best interest of the stakeholders. There are two kinds of stakeholders internal and external. The internal stakeholders include employees, owners and board of directors.

  • Management Theory

    Management Theory: Essential Background for the Successful Manager Management theory is applied to rise the organization’s output Evolving Viewpoints: How We Got to Today’s Management Outlook A rational approach followed in management styles is evidence-based management meaning implementing the principles which were proven true basing on evidence and bringing reasons in decision-making process. The two main […]