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  • Comparative Income Statement

    Comparative Income Statement In variable costing method the income statement is prepared by focusing on the variable costs incurred during the period and those costs are capitalized. First of all the revenues are presented and their presentation is same in both costing methods. Afterwards the method changes when the cost of goods sold is presented. […]

  • 5 Steps in Decision Making

    5 Steps in Decision Making Decision making process can be divided into many steps and processes but there are mainly five steps that are common or which include other steps. Step one includes obtaining information. This can be done while reviewing the past, present and expected future information. Each and every little detail is important […]

  • ABC costing system

    Warning Signs That Suggest That ABC could help a Firm: A firm needs to have a refined costing system which can reduce broad averages for cost assigning purposes to cost objects and provide management with better and accurate information for decision making or cost controlling techniques. The firms need to observe the signs where ABC […]

  • Costing Approach

    Costing Approaches In costing for the direct and indirect expenses we need to assign the overall indirect costs to a specific job, so that the management can have a close estimate of the costs spent on various jobs throughout the year. The major purpose for this allocation of costs to specific jobs focuses pricing of […]

  • What is Leadership

    Leadership There is huge difference between management and leadership. The managers has a responsibility to deal with the day to day task complexities but a leader deals with change and motivates his followers in such manner that all of them work as a unit in striving for organizational goals. In order to be successful in […]

  • Interpersonal and Organizational Communication

    Interpersonal and Organizational Communication: Mastering the Exchange of Information  The Communication Process: What It Is, How It Works The communication is a process which involves a sender, a message and the receiver; encoding and decoding; the medium; feedback; and dealing with noise. Effective communication requires the sender to adopt an adequate medium for sending the […]

  • Leadership: From Becoming a Manager to Becoming a Leader

    Power, Influence, & Leadership: From Becoming a Manager to Becoming a Leader The Nature of Leadership: Wielding Influence A leader is a person who inspires his followers in such manner that they voluntarily strive to make the organizational goals possible. There is a huge difference between managers and leaders. A management position has to deal […]

  • Employee Motivation

    Employee Motivation: Achieving Superior Performance in the Workplace Motivating for Performance  The management need employee motivation studies and approaches in favor of their businesses, by learning the motivation techniques one can pursue a desired behavior for fulfillment of objectives. The simple model of motivation states that behavior can be induced by rewards. There are two […]

  • Global Management: Managing across Borders

    Global Management: Managing across Borders 1) The Nature of Change in Organizations Globalization has affected the business world and it caused the businesses to change its strategies according to the new trends like segmented products, targeted products with speedy delivery, innovations for a better product, styles of working and utilization of knowledge. There are two […]

  • Strategic Human Resource Management

    Getting the Right People for Managerial Success 1 Strategic Human Resource Management The strategic human resource management process aim is to optimize the workforce for the achievement of organization’s mission and vision. Human capital and Social capital are two main concepts in HRM. For better understanding of current and future employee’s needs a comprehensive strategy […]