English Literature

  • Stock characters and stereotypes of Male behavior

    How are men portrayed in The Rover? Discuss stock characters and stereotypes of male behavior.  The male characters in AphraBehn’s The Rover are representative of the various shades of male sexuality. The character of Blunt for example may be symbolic of the Virgin as we see that he is somewhat innocent, naïve and that he puts […]

  • Closeted Homosexuality in Angels in America

    Closeted Homosexuality in Angels in America The characters in the play Angels in America by Tony Kushner all struggle with their own sexuality. Prior, Belize, Louis, Joe, and Roy all deal with their own sexual issues in this play. Prior is the most openly homosexual character while Roy is the most closeted. Prior is chosen […]

  • Analysis of characters and symbols in Fences

    This play is for the analysis of characters and metaphors tell us the story of Troy Maxon and his family.  From the very beginning of the paly we can see that there is conflict brewing and there are hints of coming events. Troy Maxon believes that he has been given the short end of the […]

  • Mother Courage

    Brecht’s theories of epic theatre and alienation effect To start off the discussion about epic theatre and alienation effect it is perhaps prudent to define these terms before we can move forward. The epic theatre is defined by Encyclopaedia Britannica as “A form of didactic drama presenting a series of loosely connected scenes that avoid […]

  • 365 Days/365 Plays

    Parks’ writing has been called “rhythmic,” “repetitious,” and “poetic.” 365 days/365 plays is a very different set of plays not only in their style but as a project in itself. A project to write 365 plays in a single year. Because of this it has a unique structure. First of all these are not traditional […]