Understanding Basics

Providing Knowledge

  • Subjectivism in Ethics

    According to Rachel ethical subjectivism can be generally explained as everyone having an individual opinion does not interpret facts these are merely ways of thinking or feelings therefore no one can be absolutely right. This theory explains that the individual’s opinions are based on feelings and moral issues are a very sensitive domain hence no […]

  • Cultural Relativism

    According to Rachel the idea of cultural relativism can be defined as different cultures having different moral codes, that is, having the understanding that every culture possesses their own unique customs and thought process and it may become difficult for an individual of separate or different culture to understand cultural differences. He further argues that […]

  • Morality

    Restricting the word Ethics in some definition is not possible, as it is a set of principles by which a life should be spent while coexisting with others. What is moral and immoral is a very sensitive issue because this affects the life of individuals and also the people who are directly or indirectly related […]