Ad Analysis

Triggering Stimulus: Targeting Comfort, Pleasure and Status Its natural, woman..

Ad Analysis

Triggering Stimulus: Targeting Comfort, Pleasure and Status

Its natural, woman want to make their homes look beautiful and men want their ride to be extraordinary. Men are crazy about the engine performance, exterior and interior of their car. In this advertisement BMW M5 has very effectively targeted its audience by the showing its outclass engine of 4.4 liters with 560 horse power, matching the speed of the fastest car which is being driven in Great Salt Lake Dessert in Utah, United States. The advertisement starts with a sound of wind blowing in the dessert and an image appears on screen and suddenly we can hear the roaring sound of a high speed vehicle with the whistles of wind being sheered by it. When the targeted high speed car comes to a stop, suddenly a man appear on the camera who takes off the camera which was fixed on the BMW M5 for recording the video of a highly fast moving vehicle. In the end a text line appears on the top of the commercial, which is “The BMW M5. Fastest saloon car on the planet.” In the End, the logo of BMW appears which has a line below it, which is “Sheer Driving Pleasure.” BMW M5 one minute commercial has effectively triggered the dreams of the viewer in this simple advertisement by targeting the interests of their audience.

The commercial used many items in the advertisement which trigger the audience response without even knowing that they are being affected by a planned approach. First of all, a dessert is shown which automatically affects the audience that here life is slow then suddenly a roaring engine sound is heard, which makes an effect on the audience that something very fast is approaching. Then the audience who are already anticipating something moving really fast see a car on their screen, which is coming very fast through a cloud of dust leaving behind it. When that fast moving car stops then the commercial gets interesting when the camera recording the video of the fast moving car gets taken off from a BMW M5 which was moving the whole time in front of that fast moving car, suddenly giving the audience a rush of imagination that the BMW M5 is a more fast moving car than the one shown in the video and then the commercial ends with an assuring text line stating that BMW M5 is the fastest sedan car on the planet.

The environment used was of a desert, influencing the mind of the audience of a slow paced environment, here they could have used a test road built for testing vehicles but they preferred to show the audience such environment to have a visual effect. The sound of wind and the sound of engine was also an attraction factor carefully planned in the advertisement. But the best and lasting effect on the minds of audience was where it was left on audience to judge the performance of the BMW M5 which was all the time moving ahead of the focused vehicle.

The advertisement was targeting a vast age group by showing them that in the BMW M5 they will have the luxury of a sedan and the thrill of the speed. Hence the advertisement had an appeal both for young guys who are interested in speed and for aged person who are interested in the drive, social status and interior of the vehicle a BMW has to offer. The advertisement was offering the audience, an opportunity for the ultimate experience of having a fast luxury car which most of the people idealize about their ride. The overall language of the advertisement was simple and catchy. There was only one line presented to audience in the whole one minute commercial and that was “Fastest saloon car on the planet” giving the audience an impression that they have no other choice if they are looking for speed and luxury except BMW M5 model. When the advertisement end the logo is shown which is also catchy and only three words written under it, “Sheer Driving Pleasure”, convincing the audience that if they opt for a BMW vehicle they will find comfort and pleasure.

In advertisements the main theme is to target a special audience toward the product of the company, clearly showing the individuality and specialty of the product has to offer, which motivates the customer in acquiring the product or service by creating a desire to fulfill their dream. The advertisement need to create a desire effect in the mind of the audience that the product being offered will fulfill their dreams in a way no other competitor can offer and their product is their best choice.




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